Recommend a Book

Books provide a more thorough analysis of a specific (or broad) topic. Simply by having your book indexed SprintKnowledge, it will become more discoverable to Collaborators and Readers. Please read our Book Selection Criteria for a description of the evaluation process.

Benefits of Indexing in SprintKnowledge

  • Wide circulation: Increase the discoverability of your book
  • High visibility: Gain accessibility and visibility by being part of a reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary research database
  • Share your content easily: Showcase your quality content in a new digital library
  • Get discovered and read: Seamless, integrated search across all content
  • Tailored customer service: High quality services tailored to the real challenges and opportunities your book faces in the indexing process
  • Alerting and RSS feeds: Your content is shared with a wide range of researchers interested in similar subjects as the ones promoted by your book
  • Social media & reports promotion: Your book is promoted on various social media platforms and various PR reports compiled by SprintKnowledge
The applicant who fills in this recommendation form takes full responsibility for specifying accurate information for the academic content that will be considered for indexing in SprintKnowledge. If the recommendation form is incomplete, the application may not be taken into consideration. If any false information is encountered during the review process or after indexing, SprintKnowledge reserves the right to decline the application or remove the academic content from the digital archive and database and to reject a new application for a period of 6 months. If a particular academic content provider has recommended more than 3 applications with misleading and false information, SprintKnowledge reserves the right to remove all indexed academic content for a period of maximum 2 years, depending on the number of academic content that included false information.