Choose a Plan for Indexing Your Academic Content

Whether looking at books, journals, proceedings or theses and dissertations, SprintKnowledge provides a single digital archive destination to access the most reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary research. Quality, curated content delivered alongside emerging trends on research make it easy for students, faculty, researchers, analysts, and program managers to identify the most relevant research to inform their work.




Apply for Indexing
  • Reach key research readers
  • Higher discoverability for your thesis and dissertation
  • Bring your academic ideas closer to researchers
  • Social media & reports promotion


Apply for Indexing
  • Gain access to targeted research audiences
  • More visibility with direct links to bookshops & libraries
  • Build more rewarding relationships with authors and readers
  • Social media & reports promotion


Apply for Indexing
  • Application fee for indexing a Conference volume
  • Reach your target audience of potential authors
  • Broad circulation of academic content
  • High visibility for conferences
  • Get noticed in a seamless academic search engine
  • Social media & reports promotion


Apply for Indexing
  • Application fee for a indexing a Journal
  • Target new potential authors
  • Wide circulation of scientific research
  • Increased visibility for journals
  • Get discovered via an integrated academic search engine
  • Social media & reports promotion

Why this Indexing Fee?

As you know, there are various indexing services that do not charge any fees. However, they rely on donations or institutions to cover their operations. Other services, like ProQuest or EBSCOHost restrict access to indexed content to a large audience and charge huge fees to government and education ministries, libraries and universities for access to their indexations.

Our database can be accessed for free by any academic audience, readers, authors, universities, libraries, etc.

Thus, SprintKnowledge charges an affordable submission fee of 19.45 Euro to cover the operationalization of our database and the indexing of valuable Academic Content in our digital library.

The main reason for this fee is to keep our database functional and provide free to access for anyone interested in searching and downloading academic research. This fee is due before the application and review for indexation in SprintKnowledge

  • For Journals, this submission fee for indexation is due before the application for indexation in SprintKnowledge, for each submitted journal.
  • For Conferences, the submission fee for indexation applies for each volume of the conference, before the completion of the application form
  • For Books, there is no indexing fee, for a limited period of time.
  • For Theses and Dissertations, there is no indexing fee, for a limited period of time.