About Us

As part of the academic community, you understand how important finding relevant research is. You need to keep up to date with the latest developments in your research world. Editors strive to get more visibility for their conference proceedings and journals, authors want to get their books, theses, and dissertations more noticeable, and researchers want optimized search results for significant scientific articles.

That is why we aim to provide a valuable multidisciplinary database that offers indexing and abstracting of multiple types of academic content, such as journals, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, and books. At SprintKnowledge, we aim to add value for editors, publishers, researchers, and authors through our digital library.

What is SprintKnowledge?

SprintKnowledge is an easy-to-use digital archive and academic search engine that can help researchers, editors, practitioners, and readers in their quest to find and promote the relevant resources for theirs articles and research. Our multidisciplinary platform provides users functionality in maximizing the effectiveness of their knowledge discovery process, in terms of searching for valuable academic content from different scholarly outlets.

In the form of an evolving search engine and scientific multidisciplinary database, SprintKnowledge strives to improve the dissemination of scientific research and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness in the access of scholarly knowledge from indexed and abstracted journals, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, and books.

What are the Aims and Scope of SprintKnowledge?

As a scientific database and academic search engine, the main scope of SprintKnowledge is to promote and increase the visibility of the indexed scholarly journals, conference proceedings, books, theses, and dissertations of multidisciplinary research.

To make great research widely available, SprintKnowledge’s aims involve a number of initiatives, such as:

  • openness to conference proceedings, journals, books, theses, and dissertations from all over the world;
  • openness to all scientific and scholarly disciplines and promotion of high-quality multidisciplinary academic content;
  • development of a comprehensive scientific search engine that provides functionality and ease of use for academics, authors, editors, practitioners, and students;
  • broaden the audience with new publishers, authors, subscribers, and researchers.

Who is SprintKnowledge for?

For Editors of Journals and Conferences

For Editors, we offer indexing and abstracting of journals and conference proceedings in a scientific multidisciplinary database.

As a Publisher, Editor or Representative of a Conference or Journal, you strive for increased visibility of your publishing outlet in multiple indexing services.

In order to provide the best indexing and abstracting services, we truly value quality of the accepted journals and conference proceedings. Journals and conference proceedings indexed in SprintKnowledge are made permanently available online immediately upon acceptance and indexation. They are subject to high-level evaluations in order to ensure quality and reliability of the work further promoted. Find out more about our criteria for selection and recommend a journal or conference.

For Researchers

For Researchers, we aim to deliver a comprehensive scientific search engine of high-quality conference proceedings, journals, books, theses, and dissertations, so that academics, practitioners, and students can discover and use a wide range of research. You can search different bibliographic elements of academic content, including titles, keywords, abstract, date of publication, field of study, and so much more.

The number of scientific articles is increasing day-by-day and in this ever-expanding scientific research framework, we want to help you find the articles you are interested in and increase their visibility! Great work should be shared and made available to target academic audiences in various fields of study, from psychology to economics, and many other disciplines.

For Book Authors and Publishers

For Book Authors or Publishers, we offer a free indexing service that makes your book more discoverable to larger audiences in different research fields.

While journals and conference proceedings are usually associated with timely dissemination of scholarly information, books typically provide a more comprehensive analysis of a more specific or broader topic. We want to help your book stand out and be promoted in an academic digital archive to the right readership. Find out more on what we look for when indexing books and suggest a book for indexing in SprintKnowledge.

For Authors of Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations represent an important component to the scientific literature because they provide additional context for research published in journals or conference proceedings.

You can index your Master thesis or PhD Dissertation, for free, in an academic framework that promotes seminal ideas. For more information, you can consult our criteria of selection or recommend a thesis or dissertation in a few easy steps.