Evaluate Local Private Companies Developing Strategy to Solve Crises


This study concentrated on local private companies’ evaluation to solve crises. It explains the factors that have an effect on these companies success by developing strategies, establishing general budget supporting up their conditions, fair dealing with tax and clear corporate responsibility duties. The companies that get government support may reach their aims of solving the crises or may develop trickeries to get unfair profits besides government support which increases depression. The researcher suggests the use of three tables which will be presented in this study, as models to evaluate the fair general budget policies, the ability of local private companies to get support, and also to evaluate the sharing between companies and government. These tables are important and need to be monitored and can provide direction for companies to a condition which is to cover citizens need locally, at appropriate prices, at a suitable time and place. On another hand, a figure displayed in this research can be used to watch a company’s reaction in crises.


Evaluation, Crises, General budget, Tax, and Local private companies