Coherent Division of Labor in a Three-Dimensional CAD New Product Development Environment


This experimental field study examines the influence of a variable ratio between engineers and technical draftspeople in New Product Development (NewPD) Teams in a three-dimensional CAD construction environment on economic and socio-psychological efficiency. With the implementation of the 3D CAD software (Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design) the world of engineers seemed to become a completely new and fascinating one in which the engineer is a 100% creative part in the NewPD process of an innovative company – with all supporting activities taken over by marvellous software, automatically and completely. Technical draftspeople who did supporting activities so far declined rapidly. The literature review shows the improvements by 3D CAD, the areas where the SW is over-challenged and a discussion of division of labor in detail. The Causal Model for socio economic analysis shows possible cause-effect relations between different team constellations in NewPD teams under 3D CAD conditions.


New PD, economic/socio-psychological efficiency, new product development, division of labor