Sales Territory Management and Distributor Performance in the Telecommunications Industry in Ghana


The mobile telecommunications in Ghana is a highly competitive market which faces a problem of retaining their customers due to low switching cost. The purpose of this study was to investigate sales territory management and distributor performance of Vodafone in Sunyani. The population for the study was staff and retailers of Vodafone product and services. Multi-Stage sampling approach was employed for the study. A well-structured questionnaire and interview guide were used in collecting data from the respondents. Descriptive statistics, One Sample t-test, Kendall’s Coefficient of Concordance and Pearson Correlation Matrix were used to analyse the data. Results revealed that there was effective supervision of the sales territory representatives by the sales managers. The retailer’s confirmed the receipt of their requested orders from the distributor when the need arose. The sales territory representatives confirmed that sales managers involved them in developing new or adjusted territory plans for effective distribution. This study suggests that the key distributor should restructure their distribution strategy for better market penetration. Vodafone should do more to support the distributor in terms of logistics and intensify sales training for the sales territory representatives. Furthermore, the study prescribed five generic factors to serve as best practices for distributor management of any organisation.


distribution, sales management, sales territory, Vodafone, Ghana