Sales Promotion in the Marketing of Telecommunication Services in Nigeria:Impact Analysis


The adoption of sales promotion in the marketing of telecommunication services in Nigeria is common among the front line GSM service providers. This however does not yield the much assured increasing return on investment, hence is unprofitable and the required fund for the expansion of infrastructure base of operation is not earned, and serve rendition is as a result poor. Studying the impact of sales promotion on patronage based on the data sourced and analyzed using Likert’s ranking scale, questionnaire and analysis of variance (ANOVA), the work discerns and concludes that the high level of illiteracy based on quantitative rather than qualitative education high level of poverty as well as high rate of rural dwelling are challenges to the expansion of the level of consumption of telecommunication services even at the offer of sales promotion incentives. Recommended is a good quality marketing research with consumers as a trust point for efficiency in market segmentation as basic in the adoption of sales promotion strategy.


Sales promotion, telecommunication, perception income, illiteracy, rural dwelling, marketing research and market segmentation